NYK Enters into Capital and Business Tie-up for Laser Technology

NYK has entered into a capital and business tie-up with Toyokoh Inc. to develop business that will be able to make use of Toyokoh’s epoch-making CoolLaser® technology within the maritime field for improved maintenance.

Equipment at terminals and steel used on a ship’s deck are susceptible to rust due to the harsh outdoor ocean environment, which can lead to corrosion arising from severe salinity, temperatures, humidity, and ultraviolet rays, all exacerbated by scratches resulting from wear from cargo loading, etc. During voyages, crew members usually remove rust with power tools and then repaint. But a tremendous amount of repetitive work is required, and the repair does not remain in good condition for long.

In August 2018, NYK signed a memorandum of understanding with Toyokoh to jointly examine the development of a corrosion-prevention business, and technical experiments conducted afterward have confirmed the benefits of reducing the on-deck maintenance workload of crew members, extending the lives of ships and equipment (thus reducing lifecycle costs), and reducing environmental loads during dry-dock.

NYK will seek to use its expertise and accumulated data to introduce the CoolLaser® technology into the maritime field with the aim to realize and commercialize more advanced maintenance methods making use of ICT and automation in the future.

- In accordance with the NYK Group’s medium-term management plan ”Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green,” the group is working to achieve the SDGs through its business activities. The company is taking steps to ensure the sustainable growth of society and the company through safe and efficient maintenance within the maritime industry.

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- Toyokoh Inc.

Head office: Shizuoka
President: Ikko Toyozawa

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