NYK Group to Build New Heavy-lift Vessels

NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd., an NYK Group company, has signed a contract with Nanjing Jinling Shipyard Co. Ltd., which is part of the China Merchants Group, to build two next-generation energy-saving heavy-lift vessels. The NYK Group seeks to leverage its strength as the only shipping company that owns and operates heavy-lift vessels in Japan, and will respond to the demand for transporting cargos such plants, wind-turbine blades, and equipment.

These ships will be equipped with two 400-ton cranes and be able to lift up to 800 tons of heavy cargo. The hold will be about 95 meters in length at its maximum without any bulkheads, i.e., upright walls within the hold. The ships will be hatch coverless, which will allow for navigation with the hatch cover open, and the bridge will be placed at the ship front, enabling the loading of tall and large cargo without worry of any disruption to forward visibility during navigation.

As an environmental benefit, a significant reduction in fuel consumption has been achieved compared to existing ships of the same type with the cooperation of Japanese marine equipment manufacturers. In addition, the vessels can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet in advance EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) Phase 3 requirements that will become effective in 2025. These energy-saving heavy-lift vessels give maximum consideration to the environment.

In accordance with its medium-term management plan “Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green,” the NYK Group continues to improve its competitiveness by responding to diversified needs and is making efforts to contribute to realizing a sustainable society through the operation of environment-friendly ships.

- Image of heavy-lift vessel loaded with wind-turbine blades

- Ship Specifications
・Length: about 138.00 m
・Breadth: about 23.60 m
・Depth: about 8.30 m
・Deadweight: about 12,470 tons
・Crane capacity: 800 mt (400 mt x 2)
・Flag: Panama
・Delivery: scheduled for Aug 2021 and Jan 2022

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