NYK Holds “Brush Up on Safety Awareness” Competition

NYK held a “Brush Up on Safety Awareness” competition on July 2, and three shipowners and ship-management companies — i.e., Taiheiyo Kisen Kaisha Ltd., Wilhelmsen Ship Management Sdn. Bhd., and NYK LNG Shipmanagement Ltd. — were recognized for their original and effective implementation of measures to stimulate further safety awareness and encourage a sense of ownership among crew members.

Held annually since 2017, this competition is part of the Remember Naka-no-Se safety campaign, which draws on the lessons learnt from the Diamond Grace oil spill in July 1997 to encourage all NYK Group employees to bear in mind the importance of safe operations. The NYK Group has been working on Near Miss 3000 activities with partner shipowners and ship-management companies, aiming to prevent accidents by making use of the slogan “DEVIL Hunting!” to nip accidents in the bud by identifying and dealing with the often overlooked precursors to accidents, or DEVILs (Dangerous Events and Irregular Looks).

Twenty shipowners and ship-management companies, both domestic and foreign, participated in this competition. Nine finalists made presentations, and the top three companies receiving the most votes from the 98 participants were recognized at the ceremony. The evented ended with NYK president Hitoshi Nagasawa emphasizing that strengthened partnerships are very important for the sustainable development of one another.

Through close communication among related parties, the NYK Group continues to promote steady activities that raise safety awareness in the group’s efforts to ensure safety and achieve sustainable growth.

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