NYK Participates in First LNG Bunkering Operation in the Setouchi and Kyushu Areas of Western Japan

Today, NYK, together with Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc., Saibu Gas Co. Ltd., and The Chugoku Electric Power Co. Inc., successfully conducted a truck-to-ship liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering demonstration at the port of Kitakyushu. This operation is the first LNG bunkering in the Setouchi and Kyushu areas of western Japan and advances the four companies’ discussions on the commercialization of a new business in the area.

The LNG fuel was loaded onto a tank truck at the Hibiki LNG terminal in Kitakyushu city, trucked to a pier in the Asano district, and then supplied to the LNG-fueled tugboat Sakigake* using the truck-to-ship method.**

Since August 2018, the four companies have been in joint discussions on the commercialization of LNG bunkering, and this demonstration validates the feasibility of LNG bunkering in the area. Going forward, the four companies will utilize the experience gained from this operation to accelerate commercialization.

During bunkering operation

During bunkering operation

Sakigake captain with tank truck operator

Company representatives
From left, Hiroyuki Tsunetomi, deputy director, Planning and Balance Optimization Division, Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc.; Kouji Goto, senior general manager, Saibu Gas Co. Ltd.; Mutsuhiro Watanabe, associate general manager, Fuel Department, Power Generation Division, The Chugoku Electric Power Co. Inc.; and Nobuhiro Kashima, corporate officer, NYK

- Location

* Sakigake
Japan’s first LNG-fueled tugboat. Delivered in August 2015, the tug is owned by NYK and operated by Wing Maritime Service Corporation, an NYK Group company. For this demonstration, Sakigake sailed to Kitakyushu from the port of Kawasaki in Yokohama prefecture.

** Truck-to-ship method
A method of bunkering where LNG is supplied to a ship at pier through a hose that stretches from a tank truck parked at the quay.

(Source: Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

- Reference

- Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.
Head office: Fukuoka
President: Kazuhiro Ikebe

- Saibu Gas Co., Ltd.
Head office: Fukuoka
President: Yukinori Michinaga

- The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.
Head office: Hiroshima
President & CEO: Mareshige Shimizu

- Announcement on August 2, 2018, “NYK Signs MOU with Kyushu Electric Power, Saibu Gas, and Chugoku Electric Power for Joint Discussions on LNG Bunkering in the Setouchi and Kyushu Areas of Western Japan,”

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