NYK Participates in Para Sports Athletic Meet

A total of 20 NYK employees participated in the Kanto block of the Para Sports undokai, or athletic meet, held on Sunday, January 20. NYK participants included Aki Taguchi, an NYK employee and Paralympian in the sport of shooting.

This Para Sports Meet was sponsored by the Japan Sports Agency, and conducted by the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center at seven blocks around Japan. The Kanto block, which includes Tokyo, had a total of 260 participants from 16 company and organization teams that competed in para sports that those with and without disabilities could enjoy, including sitting volleyball, goalball, boccia, wheelchair basketball, and wheelchair relay.

This was the first time for most of the NYK Group’s participants to try these sports, and the participants learned the importance of communication in these events. Comments from NYK Group employees included the following: “I did not know that there are so many para sports. Everyone could enjoy them together. I looking forward to cheering on the athletes;” “I discovered how much we rely on sight when I was forced to use only my ears;” “Although operating the wheelchair was difficult at first, I was impressed that we could eventually score a goal by passing the ball from one to another.”

NYK will continue these kinds of events to help raise awareness of para sports, and to realize an inclusive society where everyone can live comfortably regardless of disability.

Group photo

Sitting volleyball



Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair relay

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