The NYK Group's Top News Stories for 2018

December 25, 2018

In March 2018, NYK announced its new five-year medium-term management plan “Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green.” In that plan, NYK released three basic strategies to stay a half step ahead by working to create new value in a changeable business environment.

These are the top news stories in 2018 related to the new management plan from the NYK Group.

◆Step 1: Optimize business portfolio

Reconfigure business portfolio to withstand volatile market conditions in the dry-bulk and container businesses

◇Enrich customer engagement with proposal-based sales in dry-bulk

(March)LNG-fueled Bulk Carrier R&D Plan Approved by Japanese Ministry
(July)Concept Design for Large LNG-fueled Bulk Carrier Completed

◇Strategy shift to pursue operational efficiency and scale benefits through containership business integration
(April)Investment Payment Completion and Service Commencement for New J/V in the Container Shipping Business
(August/November)Management Integration of Port and Harbor Transportation Business Companies of the NYK Group

◆Step 2: Secure stable-freight-rate business
Promote stable-freight-rate business by leveraging “growth promotion” areas (logistics, car carriers, auto logistics) with “investment enhancement” areas (LNG, offshore business)

◇Expand total logistics service and strengthen sales capabilities by utilizing NYK Group's network and management resources
(July)Shanghai NYK-ANJI Logistics Co. Ltd. Begins Operations Under New Name

◇Realize sophisticated finished-car logistics looking ahead to the structural changes in the automotive industry
(April)NYK to Reinforce Logistics Base by Building Finished-car Logistics Terminal in Turkey
(July)NYK Group Establishes Logistics Joint Venture for Finished Cars Using Automobile Freight Trains in India

◇Further promote LNG bunkering to supply and marketing LNG as marine fuel
(July)Japan’s First LNG Bunkering Vessel to Start Operation in 2020
(August)NYK Signs MOU with Kyushu Electric Power, Saibu Gas, and Chugoku Electric Power for Joint Discussions on LNG Bunkering in the Setouchi and Kyushu Areas of Western Japan

◆Step 3: Increase efficiency and create new value
Increase efficiency and new value through “Digitalization” and “Green” as keywords of the medium-term management plan

◇Implement digitalization (Big data, new business)
(February/May/October)Digitalization of machinery diagnostics and onboard work through the effective use of sound and image data
(March)NYK Group and JMU Develop Highly Efficient Ship Propeller
(August/December)MT-FAST Fuel-saving Device Installed on 500 Vessels/Receives Japan's 2018 Minister of the Environment Award
(August)NYK Signs MOU to Examine Business Using Laser to Reduce Steel Corrosion on Ships
(November)NYK Looks to FinTech to Realize Cashless Ships

◇Optimize total supply chain
(April/May)NYK to Issue Green Bonds
(June)NYK Receives SBT Initiative Verification for Commitment to Greenhouse Gas Reduction
(July/August)NYK participated in avoidance navigation research using AI and demonstration of operating a ship remotely
(November)NYK Promotes Decarbonization through Exploratory Design of NYK Super Eco Ship 2050

◇Establish green business for next generation

(January)NYK Subsidiary to Install Wind Turbines at Logistics Terminal in Belgium
(November)NYK to Participate in Demonstration of Tidal Energy in Singapore

◆For the sake of safety
In the management plan, NYK reconfirmed the Group’s materiality in terms of safety, the environment, and human resources. It has been 20 years since the Diamond Grace crude-oil spill at Naka-no-se in Tokyo Bay in 1997. The below initiatives were implemented in addition of the annual safety campaign to reinforce the lessons learned from accidents and for further penetration of safety awareness among NYK Group employees.

(March)NYK Produces New Safety Awareness Videos
(July)Nearly 200 Attend NYK-sponsored Safety Symposium
(July)NYK Unveils Large Panels within Head Office to Encourage Safety Awareness


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