NYK Produces New Safety Awareness Videos

March 15, 2018

NYK has produced two new safety promotion videos to prevent the loss of lessons learnt from the Diamond Grace oil spill in Tokyo Bay in July 1997. NYK aims to use the videos to improve safety awareness among NYK Group employees and keep stakeholders informed.

One video has been produced for the entire 50,000 NYK Group employees regardless of whether they work at sea, land, or air, onsite or in the office, and a second video has been created to introduce stakeholders to NYK’s basic attitude toward safety.

The video for NYK Group employees is titled "The NYK Group's Biggest Crisis — the Naka-no-se Oil Spill" and helps employees to recognize again that a small miscommunication can result in enormous damage to society and the environment. The video includes interviews with employees who experienced the oil spill, and makes use of CG and reenactments to inform viewers about the accident and further cultivate a safety-oriented culture. Group employees are advised to embrace open communication at NYK, a comprehensive logistics company, as business fields continue to expand.

For stakeholders, NYK has produced a video titled "The NYK Group — Enhancing Its Safety Culture," showing the NYK Group’s basic premise toward safety and how the group continues to use past incidents to prevent recurrence. This video stresses safety and security as the group’s highest priority.

The NYK Group will continually strive to pursue further safety enhancements through activities that makes use of lessons learnt from the past.

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“The NYK Group — Enhancing Its Safety Culture,” 8 min. 43 sec, Produced in Feb. 2018 for stakeholders.

Safety Initiatives of the NYK Group


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