Tokyo Immigration Bureau Recognizes NYK Group Company

June 16, 2017

YCS Co. Ltd.* (head office: Tokyo, president: Yoshiro Tateishi), an NYK Group company, has received a letter of appreciation from the Tokyo immigration authority for professional services rendered by the company during port visits by cruise ships.

The Yokohama District Immigration Office of the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau presented the letter as an expression of its gratitude for the contribution YCS has made to immigration control by carrying out essential duties, such as providing the bureau with quick and accurate information over many years when cruise ships call at the port of Yokohama. YCS is the first shipping agency** in Yokohama to receive such recognition.

The NYK Group makes every effort to stay in compliance with all laws and regulations, and will continue its efforts to ensure safe and seamless transportation services.

* YCS Co. Ltd.
A joint venture owned by NYK and Suzuyo & Co. Ltd. to provide services as a shipping agency and employment agency.

** Shipping agency
A company that acts on behalf of shipowners to handle various tasks and responsibilities required by authorities and other stakeholders when a ship enters and leaves port.

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