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NYK Issues Its Annual NYK Report
-Creating Advantages through Creative Solutions-

August 10, 2016

NYK has issued the English version of the company’s 2016 NYK Report, which includes information that would traditionally be found in an annual report and a CSR report.
The 2016 report is titled “Business to Society – Society’s Choice in Transportation” and reviews the NYK Group’s participation in many aspects of society.
The report begins by examining the group’s adaptation, innovation, and credibility, and continues by providing stakeholders with a review of the competitive advantages that the group offers through safe and dependable business activities and service differentiation, characteristics that have distinguished NYK from its competitors throughout its 130-year history.

In the report’s “Special Meeting” section, a dialogue among two outside directors and the NYK president about the group’s goals is featured. The president also reviews the progress made under the group’s “More Than Shipping 2018” medium-term management plan, in addition to future tasks, and offers his thoughts on improving profitability and becoming even more competitive.
The 2016 NYK Report also comes with a handbook for creative solutions, the “NYK Spark Book.” This booklet provides a detailed look at challenges faced and solutions advanced in a number of enterprises.
The full report can be accessed through the link below:

If you would like a physical copy of the report, please use the following link to request a copy:
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