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NYK Completes Winter Safety Campaign

February 29, 2016

Second from left: Naoya Tazawa,
NYK executive vice-president corporate officer

The NYK Group has completed its Sail On Safety winter safety campaign, which ran from December 1, 2015, through January 31, 2016.
Under the theme "Think, Act, and Be Safe," the campaign has been conducted annually by the entire NYK Group to prevent accidents that can be more frequent in turbulent seas during the winter season.
In this year’s campaign, 410 NYK Group executives and employees visited 242 vessels to exchange broad opinions with onboard crews about the prevention of accidents, collisions, and engine trouble in turbulent seas. Through this campaign, the visitors gained a greater understanding of the particular condition of each vessel and realized again the importance of smooth communication and mutual understanding between onboard crew and offshore staff for safe ship operations.
This was the 12th year of the campaign, and in total 3,877 NYK Group members have now made 2,416 visits to vessels.
The NYK Group will continue to strengthen its safety activities through collaboration between onboard crew and offshore staff to ensure that “safety,” which is the group’s most important mission, is maintained and NYK remains a trusted and reliable partner for customers.

Second from left: Koichi Chikaraishi, NYK senior managing corporate officer

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