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NYK and MTI Jointly Develop Industry-first Automatic Camera Device for Monitoring a Vessel's Engine

September 3, 2015
Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha
Monohakobi Technology Institute

Vessel engine

NYK and the Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI; head office: Tokyo; president: Makoto Igarashi) have jointly developed “Kirari NINJA” (patent pending), a device that can automatically photograph the interior of a vessel engine’s combustion chamber.
Currently, in order to inspect a combustion chamber, crew has to enter the inside of the engine after having stopped the engine. Because it is dark inside, it is hard to see in detail, so the crew is required to work long and hard there in high temperatures.
This device, which is jointly manufactured with Daito Electron Co. Ltd. (head office: Osaka; president: Isayuki Mae), is composed of a panoramic camera and lighting. By installing it on the upper part of the piston in the combustion chamber, photographs in all directions of the interior can be taken during one round of vertical piston movement (approximately 10 minutes). Consequently, the crew’s workload can be dramatically alleviated. Moreover, the photos make it possible to accurately and precisely view in detail the condition of the inner part of the combustion chamber.
-- Features of Kirari NINJA and its effects
1.    Capable of taking photographs in all directions
Equipped with a 360-degree panoramic camera and LED lighting, the device can take photographs in all directions inside the dark combustion chamber.
2.    Alleviation of workload
Because the crew does not need to enter the hot combustion chamber, the device significantly alleviates the crew’s work burden.
3.    Contribution to safe operation and cost reduction
Allowing accurate and precise monitoring of the interior of the combustion chamber makes it possible to implement timely maintenance, thereby preventing engine accidents and reducing maintenance cost.
In accordance with its “More Than Shipping 2018” medium-term management plan, the NYK Group will promote work efficiency throughout the Group and strive to develop technologies to maintain safer and more efficient operations.
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Kirari NINJA attached to camera

Kirari NINJA photograph of the combustion chamber interior

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