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NYK, MTI, and Semco Jointly Develop Efficient, Accurate Tank-sounding Device

April 9, 2015

Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK), the Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI; head office: Tokyo; president: Makoto Igarashi), and Semco Ltd. (Semco; head office: Hyogo prefecture; president: Kenichiro Soda) have jointly developed “Honesty,” an efficient tank sounding* device (patent pending) that improves the accuracy of measurements of the surface of liquid stored in vessel tanks.
The device not only significantly streamlines the process of sounding the surface of liquid in tanks but also provides accurate measurements of bunkered oil in case of cappuccino bunker,** an issue that causes an apparent rise in the quantity of delivered fuel oil due to bubbles at the time of bunkering. “Honesty” has been approved by the ship classification society ClassNK.
NYK, MTI, and Semco will continue their research and development efforts to improve operational efficiency. 
-- Features of “Honesty”
1.          Provides accurate tank sounding, significantly streamlines sounding process
- The sensor installed at the top end of the measure for tank sounding accurately determines the distance from the point of measurement to the surface of the liquid.
- The device eliminates the necessity of conducting a pre-measurement reading of the distance to the surface of the liquid in the tank.
- A buzzer indicates that the measurement is complete, and the accurate value is quickly provided.
2.          Effective on cappuccino bunker
The sensor does not react to bubbles on the surface of liquid, so an accurate measurement of the quantity of bunkered oil is provided, even when cappuccino bunker occurs.
3.          Can be used for a broad range of applications
The device can measure colorless and transparent liquid, including lubricating oil, ballast water, and bilge,*** in addition to fuel oil.
4. Is portable and easy to carry
The device is lightweight and portable, and is thus easy to carry. Moreover, it works on standard batteries, not requiring any external power source.

A preliminary image of the product, which is in the final stage of design.

*Tank sounding
Measuring the depth of liquid stored in a vessel tank or the distance from the top of a tank to the surface of a liquid.
**Cappuccino bunker
Situation in which small air bubbles cause the quantity of fuel oil to appear to be greater than the actual quantity during fuel delivery to a ship.
Liquid mixed with water and oil that remains at the bottom of a ship.
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