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NYK Establishes Comprehensive Logistics Company for Inland Transportation Service in Myanmar

March 30, 2015

NYK, the Phee Group,* and Silverbird Auto Logistics Ltd.** have jointly established NYK Silverbird Auto Logistics Ltd. (NSAL), a comprehensive logistics company that will operate an inland transportation service in Myanmar for finished cars. This service will make use of car trailers for transport and include storage, PDI,*** and customs clearance.
The economy in Myanmar has been growing dramatically, recording GDP growth of 14 percent in 2014, and the demand for automobiles has also increased. By establishing NSAL, in addition to the pure car carrier service to Yangon provided by NYK, NSAL offers short-distance transportation to Yangon city from the port of Yangon, and medium- to long-distance transport to certain cities, such as Naypyidaw and Mandalay, which are located in the center of Myanmar.
Using its extensive knowledge and know-how of finished-car services all over the world, together with the Phee Group’s and Silverbird Auto Logistics Limited’s strong network and experience in Myanmar, NYK will take advantage of the "creative solutions" initiated in the company’s "More Than Shipping 2018" medium-term management plan to provide higher quality inland logistics services.
* Phee Group
The Phee Group operates shipping agencies and has companies involved in total logistics solutions and liner/box operations in Southeast Asia.
** Silverbird Auto Logistics Ltd.
A comprehensive logistics company owning and operating a car carrier for CBU transportation services in Myanmar.
*** PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection)
Services for pre-delivery inspection, repair, and supply of parts for finished cars.
Reference: October 10, 2014, "NYK Starts Inland Transportation Service in Myanmar,"
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