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NYK Starts Car Transport Service Linking Mexico, North America, and East Asia

February 24, 2015

Viking Drive

NYK is pleased to announce the start of the “Trans Pacific Express Service” (TPX Service), a car transport service linking Mexico, North America, and East Asia. On January 28, the car carrier Viking Drive departed from Acapulco, Mexico, on the service’s inaugural voyage with finished cars that had been loaded in Mexico and North America. On February 19, the vessel arrived in Yokohama to begin the East Asia off-load.
This service is the first nonstop car transport service from (1) the west coast of Mexico to the west coast of North America, and (2) the west coasts of both Mexico and North America to China. NYK will attempt to accommodate demand for the export of finished cars from Mexico, in addition to car logistics for China, where demand for imports is growing.
NYK will continue to provide finished-car transport services that best meet its customers’ requirements.
<Details of Trans Pacific Express Service>

(1) Vessel particulars
6,000 – 6,500 units per car carrier (two vessels will be used in this service)
(2) Frequency
One to two sailings per month
(3) Ports and rotation
Acapulco, Lazaro Cardenas (Mexico), Port Hueneme (U.S.), Yokohama, Nagoya (Japan), Pyeongtaek (South Korea), Xingang, Shanghai (PRC)
(4) Date of service start
January 2015
First vessel: Viking Drive (sailed from Acapulco on January 28)
Second vessel: Aphrodite Leader (sailed from Acapulco on February 13)
(5) Service map

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