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NYK-Fil Ship Management Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

December 19, 2014

Left: Yasumi Kudo, president of NYK
Right: J.Roberto C.Delgado, chairman of
TDG Founder & Group Chairman

On December 18, NYK-Fil Ship Management Inc. (NYK-Fil; head office: Philippines), an NYK Group company, held a ceremony in Manila to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company’s establishment and the completion of a renovation of the head office.
The ceremony was attended by NYK president Yasumi Kudo and about 500 guests affiliated with NYK and the Transnational Diversified Group (TDG),* including business partners, seafarers, and family members, from all over the Philippines. In addition, prior to the ceremony, a tape-cutting was held at the renovated office, where a commemorative plate was unveiled.
NYK-Fil is a joint venture founded by NYK and TDG in 1989 for training, development, and management of Filipino seafarers on NYK-operated vessels. In fact, NYK-Fil now provides Filipino seafarers to more than 200 vessels managed by NYK and is overseeing the promotion of senior officers to high-risk NYK ships, such as VLCCs and LNG carriers.

In his speech, President Kudo commented, “Filipinos currently hold 70 percent of all seafarer positions on NYK vessels. This is a testament of the confidence placed in both NYK-Fil and our Filipino seafarers. I’m happy to recognize that many years of teamwork have resulted in the development of great trust between our organizations. I ask you all continue to care for the NYK-Fil pioneering culture that has helped us cultivate a talented group of professionally trained seafarers over the years.”
NYK-Fil will continue to contribute to NYK’s safe and high-quality marine transport services by providing excellent Filipino seafarers to the NYK Group.
* Transnational Diversified Group (TDG): A business group established by Chairman J. Roberto C. Delgado. Business activities include a shipping agency service and seafarer deployment and management, as well as the provision of maritime education, aviation, logistics, and information technology. TDG and NYK have maintained a cooperative relationship since the establishment of TDG in 1976.
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