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NYK Holds Eighth Environmental Management Conference

November 26, 2014

From left, Executive Vice-president Corporate Officer Tadaaki Naito
NYK Business Systems Co., Ltd.
Infrastructure Management Group, Infrastructure Planning Team
Mr.Yoshiaki Manji
Yusen Real Estate Corporation
Property Management Group, Marunouchi Team
Manager Mr.Koji Takimoto
Nippon Nozzle Seiki Co. Ltd. Kansai Division
General Affairs Group, General Affairs Team / Sales Team
Ms.Yuuki Sakata

On November 13, NYK welcomed about 60 environmental supervisors from 47 NYK Group companies to the group’s annual Environmental Management Conference in Tokyo. NYK holds this conference with NYK Group companies to share information on environmental practices and strengthen environmental management within the group.
At this eighth conference, the three companies below were commended for their efforts to achieve the NYK management vision of “a best balance between economic progress and environmental protection,” and each of the companies was asked to give a presentation on its activities.
1.   NYK Business Systems Co. Ltd. (head office: Tokyo; president: Toshiaki Takeda)
A reduction in power consumption through the installation of a new energy-efficient printer.
2.   Yusen Real Estate Corporation (head office: Tokyo; president: Masato Katayama)
A review and cut of contracted power at the NYK headquarters building by reducing the power consumption of business systems.
3.   Nippon Nozzle Seiki Co. Ltd. (head office: Saitama prefecture; president: Takashi Sakurai)
Introduction of a business improvement system that quantitatively examines cost savings so that not only qualitative merits and concerns are considered.

NEC Corporation
Environmental Management Promotion Department
Total Quality Management Division
Manager, Mr.Koichi Inagaki

In addition, guests in charge of environmental management promotions, CSR, and social contributions at the NEC Corporation* were invited to give a presentation about the environmental initiatives at its group companies, including the company’s Paddy Making Project through which rice paddies have been successfully revived in Japan’s Ibaraki prefecture.
Since 2007, NYK has co-sponsored Yokohama's ongoing project for large-scale wind-power generation** as part of the company’s efforts against climate change. For its efforts, NYK is annually accorded a Green Power certificate indicating that the company's sponsorship has resulted in the natural generation of electric power, about 20 kWh of which was consumed during this annual meeting, resulting in a CO2 emissions reduction of about 10 kg compared with normal power use.***

NEC Corporation
Corporate Communications Division
CSR Promotion and Social Contributions Office,
Mrs. Naoko Matsushita

NYK continues to enhance its activities to reduce the environmental impact of the NYK Group and take an active role in the safety and environmental fields based on the NYK Group’s “More Than Shipping 2018” medium-term management plan.
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