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NYK Updates the CSR Activities Page of Its Website

October 17, 2014

NYK updated the CSR activities page of the company’s website. 
Changes include the following:
(1) Renewed design
The font size and photo positions have been adjusted to make the pages easier to read.
(2) Enhanced search function
Topics can now be easily searched by “position,” “issue,” and “guidelines,” thus generating quicker results.
(3) Organized, integrated information and menus 
Organized, integrated information and menus allow information to be found more easily. 
The address for the top page remains the same, but addresses to certain pages might be changed when information was rearranged and unified. We ask for your understanding if any of those pages were previously bookmarked and now lead to dead links. 
NYK will continue its efforts to improve the user-friendliness of the company’s website and allow information to be more easily disseminated.
Reference: NYK’s CSR activities: https://www.nyk.com/english/esg/
The news on this website is as of the date announced and may change without notice.