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NYK Starts Inland Transportation Service in Myanmar

October 10, 2014

Signing ceremony
From left:
Ben Phee, Group Managing Director, Phee Group of companies
Takaya Soga, General Manager of Auto Logistics Group

On October 14, NYK and Myanmar-based Silverbird Auto Logistics Ltd.* will start an inland transportation service in Myanmar for finished automobiles.
The Myanmar automobile market, which had traditionally been dominated by used-car imports from Japan, changed dramatically in 2014 with the rapid increase of new-car imports from numerous countries. In line with this change, NYK is making efforts to expand the company’s high quality logistics services within the country.
In 2011, NYK restarted its pure car carrier service to Yangon, and this service is currently offered twice a month. NYK also offers its customers in Myanmar comprehensive logistics services that include storage, PDI,** and customs clearance.
NYK, Silverbird Auto Logistics Limited, and the Phee Group*** are working to establish a joint venture company in 2015 — one that will allow the NYK Group to offer comprehensive logistics services in Myanmar both in name and performance.
Building on its extensive know-how and experience in CBU**** transportation in ASEAN countries, NYK will take advantage of the "creative solutions" initiated in the company’s "More Than Shipping 2018" medium-term management plan to provide higher quality inland logistics services in Myanmar.

Front center,
Ben Phee, Group Managing Director, Phee Group of companies
Front right,
Christopher Chong, Director, Silverbird Auto Logistics Limited
Back row, third from left,
Zaw Wunna, General Manager, Silverbird Auto Logistics Limited

* Silverbird Auto Logistics Limited.
A comprehensive logistics company owning and operating a car carrier for CBU transportation services in Myanmar.
** PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection)
Services for pre-delivery inspection, repair, and supply of parts for finished cars.
*** Phee Group
Founded in 1993, the Phee Group operates shipping agencies and has companies involved in total logistics solutions and liner/box operations. The group offers a spectrum of logistics services that include shipping, third-party logistics, and warehousing in Myanmar, and has offices in Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam with over 300 staff as part of a plan to establish a firm network in the Indo-China region.
**** CBU

Completely Built Up automobile assembled outside a country and imported to that country as a whole unit.

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