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NYK Issues Its Annual NYK Report

August 28, 2014

NYK has issued the English version of the company’s 2014 NYK Report, which includes information that would traditionally be found in both an annual report and a CSR report.
The report contains information about the group’s finances and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts to efficiently provide stakeholders with a reliable overview of the NYK Group’s activities. The printed booklet is a digest version, and the full report can be downloaded from the company’s website. (See link below.)
In the report, NYK president Yasumi Kudo provides an overview of the company’s previous medium-term management plan, in addition to the strategies contained in the new plan “More Than Shipping 2018 - Stage 2,” which was announced in March. In fact, the new medium-term management plan is the chief topic of the report, and efforts that are being made to enhance NYK’s corporate value are emphasized.
The NYK Group’s past, current and future growth strategies are presented, and graphs and diagrams are used to indicate changes and progress in the business environment and corporate issues. Moreover, a diagram is used to show how “creative solutions”, the key term in the new strategy, are being used to differentiate the company from competitors.
The NYK Group’s CSR activities are an important part of the group’s differentiation, and the report quantifies the company’s strengths with regard to the environment, safety, and human resources.
The full report can be accessed through the link below.

If you would like a physical copy of the report, please use the following link to request a copy: https://www.nyk.com/scripts/contact_oth_en/index.asp

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