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NYK President Hears from Captains and Chief Engineers to Enrich Safety

July 11, 2014

On July 3, NYK president Yasumi Kudo and executive officers held a meeting with six captains and chief engineers at the NYK headquarters in Tokyo as part of safety campaign “Remember Naka-no-Se” * that NYK conducts between July and August.
President Kudo chairs NYK’s Safety and Environmental Management Committee,** which oversees the safety of NYK fleet, and this time the meeting was held to encourage the implementation of practical, workable activities by hearing directly from captains and chief engineers about operations. During the meeting, the president encouraged the importance of creative solutions to differentiate the company, and safe operations, fuel-saving activities, work environments, seafarer training, especially training for ships making use of advance technology, were discussed by captains and chief engineers.
During the campaign, NYK Group members, including NYK executives, will visit vessels to deepen communication between the onboard crew and onshore staff by exchanging opinions about safe ship operations. Safety meetings will be held with shipowners and ship-management companies, and a crisis-response drill followed by a mock press conference will be conducted, to practice mobilizing a quick response for serious accident and to remind safety which is biggest mission as a company.
NYK position continuing safety operation as the most important task, continues to make efforts to further deepen the mutual understanding between onshore and ship staffs, promote the establishment of safer ship-operation systems and make use of new approaches in the safety and environmental field based on NYK’s medium-term management plan “More Than Shipping 2018.”
* Safety Campaign”Remember Naka-no-Se”
A two-month annual campaign started in an effort to learn from the mistakes that led to a 1997 oil spill from an NYK VLCC when the vessel touched bottom at Naka-no-Se in Tokyo Bay. From July, the month the incident occurred, top management and other staff visit NYK-operated ships to ensure the implementation of safe ship operations.
**Safety and Environmental Management Committee

Supreme decision-making body that monitors activities on safety measures and environmental issues. The committee was established in April 2001 as a cross-sectional organization chaired by the president.

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