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NYK Introduces Volunteer Point System

June 2, 2014

NYK has introduced a volunteer point system to encourage employees to participate in activities that contribute to society. As one of the activities to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of NYK’s Office for Corporate Citizenship which is a special department dedicated to managing the company’s social contribution activities.
NYK will then tally the points, convert them to a monetary amount, and make donations in that amount to charities. Moreover, the system will be used to recognize top volunteers every year to inspire greater activism.
NYK will make every effort to remain a good corporate citizen and enhance its corporate value for all stakeholders by continuing the company’s support of social contribution activities by employees.
About volunteer point system

Eligible participants:
NYK Group company officers and employees based in Japan
Participation in volunteer and social contribution activities sponsored by the company, the country, NPOs, or regions, in addition to fundraising and donations of money or blood
Benefiting charities:
Using the results of an employee questionnaire, charities will be selected and donations subsequently made.

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