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"Auriga Leader" Welcomes Senator Whitehouse at Davisville

May 26, 2014

Captain Dan Bodea of "Auriga Leader" holding plaque with
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who is accompanied by his
wife and many of the leaders from the Port of Davisville

On May 19, U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse visited the Quonset Business Park in Rhode Island to welcome the NYK car carrier vessel Auriga Leader back to the port of Davisville.
Auriga Leader is known as the world's first solar-power-assisted car carrier. It is equipped with 328 solar panels and has a propulsion system that runs in part on solar power. The vessel is seen as a major step toward a next-generation eco-ship that can make greater use of a renewable energy source.
"Putting renewable energy technology to use can help create jobs here in Rhode Island and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels," said Senator Whitehouse aboard Auriga Leader. "I was glad to join the Quonset Development Corporation at the port of Davisville today to see an innovative use of solar energy. This kind of investment is a win for our economy and a win for our environment."
As part of Senator Whitehouse's visit, Captain Dan Bodea of Auriga Leader was presented with a commemorative plaque from the Quonset Development Corporation, which manages Quonset Business Park, recognizing NYK for its "innovation and commitment to use renewable energy technology among its fleet."
The NYK Group will continue to promote creative solutions based on the company's medium-term management plan "More Than Shipping 2018," and will strive for greater global environmental protection by making efforts for further development of and new advances in innovative environmental technology.
Particulars of Auriga Leader

Length overall:
199.99 meters
32.26 meters
34.52 meters
6,200 cars
Deadweight Tonnage:
18,758 tons
Gross Tonnage:
60,213 tons

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