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"Crown Sapphire" Rescues Two Sailors in Distress

March 14, 2014

Crown Sapphire, a specialized reefer ship operated by NYKCool AB and owned by NYK Reefers Ltd. (both wholly owned subsidiaries of NYK Line), rescued two people on March 8 from a sailing yacht in distress approximately 100 nautical miles southwest of Bermuda.
Crown Sapphire was sailing between San Antonio Este, Argentina, and the U.S. port of Wilmington, Delaware, when the ship received a distress call on its VHF indicating that a nearby yacht was taking on water. In coordination with the U.S. Coast Guard, Crown Sapphire altered course and proceeded at full speed toward the scene about 15 nautical miles away. The sailing yacht was spotted, and both people in the yacht were safely rescued and taken on board Crown Sapphire. During the rescue operation, swells of 5–6 meters were experienced. The two sailors were in good health and disembarked from Crown Sapphire at the port of Wilmington.
About Crown Sapphire

Gurmit Wig
21 (having Indian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Filipino nationality)
Gross Tonnage:
10,519 tons
Type of Vessel:
Specialized reefer ship

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