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NYK Completes Winter Safety Campaign

February 17, 2014

Second from left: Tadaaki Naito, NYK executive
vice-president corporate officer

NYK has completed its Sail On Safety winter safety campaign, which ran from December 1, 2013, through January 31, 2014.
The campaign has been conducted annually since 2004 as part of the NYK Group’s proactive measures to prevent accidents that are more likely to occur due to the turbulent seas that are more common during the winter months. During this year’s campaign, 383 NYK Group members, including NYK executives, visited 251 vessels to deepen communication between onboard crew and onshore staff by sharing current information about each vessel and exchanging opinions about safe ship operations. The campaign gave each person at the NYK Group the opportunity to deeply consider what can be done to encourage and achieve greater safety.

Left: Yoshiyuki Yoshida, NYK corporate officer

Since 2004, 3,100 NYK Group members have made 1,942 visits to vessels to encourage smooth communication and mutual understanding between onboard crew and onshore staff, and thus bring everyone together in a united effort to increase safety awareness.
The NYK Group has continued to focus on safe ship operations and environmental activities throughout the year by sharing potential dangers that vessels face. However, maritime risks increase during winter’s turbulent seas, so this safety campaign is held to warn related parties of additional concerns.
The NYK Group will continue to strengthen its activities in the promotion of safety by reconfirming the basic notions of safe operations through safety campaigns.
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