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NYK Receives Special Achievement Award at 2013 Nikkei Annual Report Awards

February 10, 2014

NYK’s 2013 NYK Report has been recognized with a Special Achievement Award in the Integrated Report category at the 16th Nikkei Annual Report Awards. The NYK Report was also one of the few rated as "excellent" among all the submitted reports.
In the review of the report for the special achievement award, comments included "Information is supported by long-term data that can reassure investors" and "It is a high-quality, integrated report." Moreover, the report’s message from top management was singled out with the comment "It is so easy to understand and can thus lead to greater trust in management."
The Nikkei Annual Report Awards, which are sponsored by Nikkei Inc., have been presented annually since 1998 for the purpose of improving the quality of annual reports, and are unique in that active institutional investors review and select the reports that receive recognition.
Before 2013, NYK published both an annual report and a CSR report, and from 2013 the company combined these two reports into one. The NYK Report thus contains information about the group’s finances in addition to its long-term ESG (environment, society, and governance) solutions in an effort to provide stakeholders with a reliable understanding of the NYK Group's corporate value.
The awards ceremony will be held in Tokyo on February 26.
NYK finds this award encouraging and will continue its efforts to disclose relevant information and data that benefits NYK’s stakeholders.
The report can be accessed through the link below.
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