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NYK Welcomes First Filipino LNG-Ship Captain and Chief Engineer

January 7, 2014

NYK has welcomed the first Filipinos to take on the roles of captain and chief engineer on an NYK-operated LNG (liquefied natural gas) vessel. The two men received their promotions in July 2013 at NYK Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd.* and began serving in their new roles from December.
NYK has focused on the cultivation of future core seafarers from the Philippines, where most crew members call home, by establishing the company’s own maritime academy inside the Philippines, in addition to a training and manning facility and a Manila-based ship-management office.
Seafarers from Japan, India, and other countries in Eastern Europe have previously served in the roles of captain and chief engineer on high-risk NYK ships, including those shipping LNG. The NYK Group fosters human resources under the vision of the NYK Maritime College,** which encourages the promotions of talented seafarers regardless of nationality. The rise of two Filipinos to the positions of captain and chief engineer on an LNG vessel can be seen as the fruits of NYK’s efforts. The company will continue to promote competent Filipino seafarers who have met the requirements to oversee operations on high-risk vessels.
NYK will continue its effort to contribute to stable energy transport by fostering high-quality seafarers to meet the expected rise in demand for LNG transportation.
*NYK Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd.
A Singapore-based, wholly owned subsidiary of NYK that represents the core of the NYK Group’s ship-management structure and provides ship-management and crew-manning services for about 156 vessels in the NYK Group.
**NYK Maritime College
A program fully implemented in 2006 to help seafarers acquire a wide range of skills and the high degree of professionalism needed on land and vessels to play an active role on a global scale. Training is based on knowledge and technological expertise needed by seafarers serving within the NYK fleet.
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