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NYK Receives Highest Rating on SMBC Sustainability Assessment Loan

December 26, 2013

From left:
Eiichiro Adachi, counselor of The Japan Research
Institute, Limited and Yoko Wasaki, corporate officer
of NYK

NYK has received the highest rating on the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation’s (SMBC; president: Takeshi Kunibe) Sustainability Assessment Loan.*
In this assessment, it was determined that NYK’s approaches for its environmental management (climate change), employee relations, and CSR management were at an extremely high level. In addition, NYK earned the highest rating for excellent approaches toward ESG (environment, society, and corporate governance) in its corporate management for sustainability. NYK was also highly evaluated for information disclosure in the 2013 NYK Report and other documentation. The NYK Report, which was first published this year, integrated NYK’s annual report with the company’s CSR report.
Under its medium-term management plan “More Than Shipping 2013,” the company places importance on CSR for sustaining the company’s growth, and is thus promoting a strategy to achieve sustainable management, focusing on ESG.

Specifically with regard to ESG, NYK initiatives were highly assessed for the following merits:
-       Reduction of CO2 emissions by developing energy-saving technologies for vessels; estimation of the amounts of CO2 emitted in the process of shipbuilding and fuel refining in addition to emissions accompanying employee commutes and business trips
-       Thorough and safe ship management through the introduction of NYK’s NAV9000 safe ship management system; fostering of crew members and expansion of occupational fields; and promotion of work-life balance
-       Improvement in approaches for human rights and labor standards based on the results of a human resources survey conducted targeting NYK’s domestic and overseas group companies
NYK takes an active role in social issues as a good global citizen and will continue its efforts to realize a sustainable society through such activities as environment protection and the development of environmental technologies.
*SMBC Sustainability Assessment Loan
The assessment uses a standard created by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and the Japan Research Institute Limited (president: Junsuke Fujii). Based on the standard, a company’s disclosures for ESG and efforts to achieve sustainability are assessed and loan conditions are established. The assessment also provides companies with feedback regarding the appropriateness of their sustainability efforts and information disclosure.

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