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NYK Obtains Third-party Certification Confirming Accurate Disclosure of Environmental Data

December 10, 2013

NYK has received certification for two of its PCTCs (pure car and truck carrier) for the disclosure of accurate numerical values based on proper methods collecting environmental data, including the handling of onboard waste and the emission of greenhouse gases (CO2). The certification was provided by third-party certifier Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA).
The certification confirmed the accurate disclosure of data for about 20 environmental indicators composing the Clean Shipping Index (CSI).* The CSI is use for measuring and evaluating the environmental effects of vessel emissions, and NYK is the first Japanese shipping company to obtain such certification of the environmental indicators composing the CSI.
In 2010, NYK began to collect data on CSI indicators, and disclose the data to the cargo owner companies that make use of the CSI data. Prior to NYK’s certification in 2012, the Clean Shipping Network, which manages the CSI, visited NYK’s vessels to confirm that the data gathered and managed by the vessels matched the data provided to the network.
NYK also participates in the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG),** which has formulated a unified standard to measure environmental performance during sea transport. Since 2006, the company has collected environmental data on all its vessels in service so as to proactively disclose accurate environmental data, and NYK’s data was certified as accurate by the LRQA in 2010 and 2011.
NYK will continue to proactively address the challenges in society as a good corporate citizen and contribute to the achievement of a sustainable global society through environmental conservation and other activities.
*Clean Shipping Index (CSI)
Index developed by the Clean Shipping Project, a Swedish NPO established in 2007. The index comprises 20 categories related to the environment. Usage of the CSI is expanding among cargo owner companies in European countries such as Sweden, Netherlands, and Germany. The Clean Shipping Network, which consists of cargo owner companies, manages the CSI for the Clean Shipping Project. Since 2008, CSI data from vessel and shipping companies has been disclosed by the Clean Shipping Network.
**Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG)
Comprising the world’s leading container cargo owners and shipping companies, the CCWG has devised an environmental performance survey that is recognized as the uniform standard for the evaluation of the environmental performance of maritime transport. The group has also created a set of environmental performance metrics that are used to calculate and evaluate the amount of CO2 and other gas emissions from each vessel, and thus evaluate the efforts of containerships for environmental conservation.

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