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NYK Holds Seventh Environmental Management Conference

December 6, 2013

Tomoo Kitayama, general manager of NYK's Environment Group;
Takafumi Yamada, managing director of the Honma Corporation;
Makoto Igarashi, president of MTI;
Tadaaki Naito, executive vice-president corporate officer of NYK;
Shota Inoue, director of Wing Maritime Service Corporation;
and Katsuhisa Watanabe, director and general manager of the
Ship Design Department at Keihin Dock Co. Ltd.

On November 18, NYK welcomed 53 environmental supervisors from 48 NYK Group companies to the NYK headquarters for the group’s seventh Environmental Management Conference.
This conference is held annually to encourage NYK Group companies to share information on environmental practices, activate communication among one another, strengthen cooperation, and enhance the environmental management of the group.
This year, companies were commended for their dynamic activities, and a number of group companies reported on specifics, including the development of technologies such as the air-lubrication system by the Monohakobi Technology Institute (head office: Tokyo; president: Makoto Igarashi), the building and operation of Japan’s first environmentally friendly tugboat, Tsubasa, by Wing Maritime Service Corporation (head office: Yokohama; president: Toshinori Yamashita) and Keihin Dock Co. Ltd. (head office: Yokohama; president: Susumu Akeno), and efforts for ISO14001 certification by the Honma Corporation (head office: Yokohama; president: Hiroshi Sakakibara).

Jun Inose, senior manager of the Ecology and Quality
Management Div. and CSR Div. at the Fujifilm Corporation

In addition, representatives in charge of general affairs and CSR at the Fujifilm Group were invited to give a presentation about the environmental and energy-saving activities at their group.
NYK makes every effort to manage environmental risks and contribute to a sustainable society to ensure an optimal balance between economic progress and environmental protection.

Yuri Nasu, facility service manager of the Administration Division
at the Fujifilm Holdings Corporation

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