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NYK Scholarships Offered for 13th Consecutive Year in China

December 4, 2013

Front row, sixth from right, Keizo Nagai, and
seventh from right, Jin Yongxing, at the SMU ceremony

During the month of November, 76 Chinese students were the fortunate recipients of scholarships from NYK.
On November 13, an awards ceremony was held at Shanghai Maritime University (SMU), where 36 students were recognized for their academic excellence and fine demeanor and encouraged to develop themselves into socially responsible and intelligent young Chinese filled with an international vision. Those in attendance included Keizo Nagai, NYK corporate officer and chief representative for China, and Jin Yongxing, the vice-president of SMU.
During the ceremony, Mr. Nagai commented, “China and Japan are neighboring countries separated by only a strip of water. Both countries have long and profound histories and cultures. Achieving deeper, friendlier bonds between the two requires devotion from young people like the students here. Visits and communication between youths in both countries are highly important to enhance mutual understanding and build trust. When making real friends, it doesn’t matter how long and hard the path may be.”

Front row, third from left, Wang Zuwen, and
fourth from left, Keizo Nagai, at the DMU ceremony

An awards ceremony was also held at Dalian Maritime University (DMU) on November 25, where 40 students were given scholarships by Mr. Nagai. At the ceremony, DMU president Wang Zuwen expressed his appreciation for NYK's long-term and consistent support.
Since 2001 when the NYK Group initiated this CSR program at SMU and DMU, 737 students have received dedicated scholarships from NYK. The NYK Group will continue to support maritime education to contribute to global trade and society.
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