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Yusen Real Estate Corporation Receives Award from Japan Association for Real Estate Sciences

November 19, 2013

Right, Masato Katayama, president of YFK, receiving the award
from Hiromi Mitsuhashi, president of the Japan Association for
Real Estate Sciences

Yusen Real Estate Corporation (YFK; head office: Tokyo; president: Masato Katayama), an NYK Group company, has received the fiscal 2013 Achievement Award given by the Japan Association for Real Estate Sciences. On November 16, an awards ceremony was held at Miyagi University and attended by YFK president Masato Katayama.
This award is given to recognize the establishment of insightful new business programs or exceptional accomplishments that may have resulted in new real estate business. The award also recognizes achievements in “software” — i.e., finance, circulation, management, research, and publication — in addition to “hardware” — i.e., ideas for development.
In response to the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake, YFK felt that brownout provisions for its buildings could be maximized through a balance of “software” and “hardware” solutions, and YFK thus expanded and achieved brownout activities through its "Face to Face & Heart to Heart" campaign between tenants and owners.
In fiscal 2011, YFK implemented its "Win-Win Brownout" campaign, in which the company requested its tenants to share information and cooperate with building brownouts to drastically reduce energy consumption. As a result, energy use was reduced by an average of about 30 percent per month. In the end, this electricity savings in communal areas allowed YFK to reduce its tenants' electricity bills.
In fiscal 2012, YFK introduced an additional brownout activity called "We’re on the same boat." In this activity, rising electricity expenses were not passed on to tenants. Instead, by lowering the supplied capacity of electric power to a respective building, the basic charge for contracted power could be reduced, and rising prices were then absorbed through the tenants’ cooperation with the brownout. In the end, this activity allowed electricity cost to be controlled.
Yusen Real Estate Corporation provides property management services that " Listen to the MUSIC” (Murmurs and Sighs of Customers), aiming to give an ear to not only the tenants’ voices but also their sighs and mutters. YFK will continue its efforts to enhance the value of its “software” for various projects, including further brownout activities.
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