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NYK Receives Highest Award at 2013 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Awards

November 12, 2013
Nippon Yusen Kaisha
Monohakobi Technology Institute

From left: Makoto Igarashi, Yasuo Tanaka, and Tatsuaki Hori

Nippon Yusen Kaisha (head office: Tokyo; president: Yasumi Kudo) received the highest award at the 2013 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Awards in recognition of the NYK Group’s use of an energy-saving air-lubrication system on the group’s vessels.
On November 7, a ceremony hosted by Nikkei Inc. was held at the Nikkei Building in Tokyo and attended by NYK managing corporate officer Yasuo Tanaka; Tatsuaki Hori, acting president of Oshima Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (head office: Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture); and Makoto Igarashi, president of MTI (head office: Tokyo), an NYK Group company. The three companies were jointly recognized for this achievement.
Mr. Tanaka expressed NYK’s delight for the recognition by saying, "Being selected for the highest award from a crowd of other talented contenders is indeed an honor for us. We are deeply appreciative." He also provided information about the energy-saving air-lubrication system and talked about future developments: "Overseas shipping companies not part of the NYK Group have also been placing orders with Japanese shipyards for vessels equipped with this system. Ships making use of this system are increasing, but we also feel that further advancements can be made. For further CO2 reduction by vessels, we would like to make a strong effort to develop and operate environment-responsive technologies that complement this system.”
NYK will continue its efforts to realize a sustainable society through activities related to conservation of the global environment and the development of environmental technologies.
Announcement on October 21, 2013, "NYK Receives Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Award"
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