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NYK Sponsors Facilities for Project Hope School in China

October 31, 2013

Keizo Nagai visiting with the students

The NYK Group has donated 150 sets of stainless-steel desks and chairs to NYK Wangping Middle School, which is located in the rural area of Luoyang in Henan province.
On October 11, Keizo Nagai, a corporate officer at NYK and the company’s chief representative for China, visited the school with officers from the Luoyang municipal government and education bureau to attend a ceremony in recognition of the event, and the visiting guests received a warm welcome from the teachers and students.
After the ceremony, Mr. Nagai visited the classrooms and encouraged the students by saying, ”Please study hard and get prepared to contribute yourselves to the prosperity of China as well as friendships between China and Japan.” The school and the government expressed their sincere gratitude to the NYK Group for its 12 consecutive years of support.
Through Project Hope,* the NYK Group sponsored the construction of two schools in China, NYK Wangping Middle School in 2001 and NYK Xuncun No. 1 Middle School in 2004. The schools have around a thousand students and some graduates have enrolled in a special academic class NYK has set up at Shanghai Maritime University to cultivate Chinese seafarers. The NYK Group visits the schools regularly to better understand the students’ needs and offer timely aid, such as replacing classroom desks and chairs, and providing dictionaries to students.
The NYK Group will continue its effort to support education within local communities and areas that face special challenges as an important part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.
*Project Hope
Project Hope is a Chinese public benefit project organized by the China Youth Development Foundation. It aims to improve educational facilities and support the education of children in poorer rural areas of China.
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