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Naming Ceremony Held for New Shuttle Tanker, Ingrid Knutsen

September 26, 2013

First row, fourth from left, Hitoshi Nagasawa;
fifth from left, Trygve Seglem;
sixth from left, Meg O'Neill, managing director of Esso Norge As;
seventh from left, Svein Steimler

On September 25, Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers AS (KNOT; headquarters: Haugesund, Norway), of which NYK has a 50% share, held a naming ceremony for a new shuttle tanker* that is being built at Hyundai Heavy Industries.
The ceremony was attended by KNOT president Trygve Seglem, NYK senior managing corporate officer Hitoshi Nagasawa, and NYK corporate officer Svein Steimler, among others. The 112,000 DWT shuttle tanker, which is equipped with a class II dynamic positioning system** and a bow-loading system,*** was named Ingrid Knutsen.
Standard Marine Tønsberg AS (SMT, headquarters: Tønsberg, Norway), owned by ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Norway AS, will enter into a time-charter contract for the shuttle tanker for a maximum 15-year period from the end of 2013, the first long-term charter contract between KNOT and an ExxonMobil company. The vessel will be used to transport North Sea crude oil ashore.
The NYK Group will continue its efforts to provide stable and economical energy-transport services.
*Shuttle tanker
A shuttle tanker, often called a “floating pipeline,” loads crude oil from floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) units in deepwater fields, and then transports the oil to crude-oil storage units or petroleum storage stations on land.
**Class II dynamic-positioning system
A more redundant dynamic-positioning system that duplicates all equipment and wiring so that no single fault in an active system will cause the system to fail.
***Bow-loading system
A system to carry out cargo operations along the bow of a shuttle tanker without contact between the tanker and the offloading unit (mainly FPSO units) in harsh sea conditions. Such a system also allows cargo hoses to be connected or disconnected from offloading units more easily than usual so that the shuttle tanker may evacuate quickly in case of an emergency.
Announcement on December 9, 2011, "Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers AS Enters into New Time-charter"
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