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NYK-TDG Maritime Academy Graduates Its Class of 2013

September 25, 2013

On September 23, the NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA) held a graduation ceremony at its campus in Canlubang, Calamba City, which is in the suburbs of Manila. Enrolled in 2009, the graduating class of 106 students completed three years of basic classes and training courses using operational simulators and an engine plant, and one year of training on board NYK training vessels.
The graduation ceremony was attended by NYK chairman Koji Miyahara and TDG* chairman J. Roberto C. Delgado, in addition to invited guests that included Gil A. Buenaventura, the president and CEO of the Development Bank of the Philippines.
In his commencement address, Mr. Miyahara encouraged the students by saying: “In several months, you will be assigned to NYK-operated ships and play an important role in the realization of our medium-term strategy, "More Than Shipping 2013," by being an employee who adds value to our company. In the maritime industry that you will join, safe, highly trained seafarers who have technical expertise are needed for a global expanding economy that experiences rapid changes. The responsibility to ensure smooth and safe vessel operations and to protect the environment lies on your shoulders. We are placing a great deal of trust in you to protect the reputation that NYK has built and maintained for decades.” 

From left:
Koji Miyahara, chairman of NYK;
Gil A. Buenaventura, president and CEO of the Development
Bank of the Philippines

From right:
Wilson P. Travina, president of NTMA;
J. Roberto C. Delgado, founder and chairman of TDG;
Patricia A. Sto. Tomas, chairman of NTMA

After the ceremony, the guests toured the new NTMA school building and training facilities that opened June.
The program offered at NTMA produces high-quality seafarers by providing them with a basic level of scholarship in addition to valuable experience on board.
At the nationwide Maritime School Assessment Program (MSAP) examination held for students attending merchant vessel seamanship schools in the Philippines, most of the NTMA graduates were at the top in academic performance. The students are now taking the ship officer examination, and all the examinees so far have acquired seafarer certificates of competency. After obtaining the certificate, each seafarer will begin a career as a third officer or third engineer on NYK ships and will aim to become a captain or chief engineer after completing the NYK Group human resources development program.
NYK will continue its effort to offer practical courses that best prepare seafarers for future challenges by improving both the quality and quantity of Filipino seafarers in core positions throughout the NYK Group.
§ Outline of NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA)

June 3, 2007
Number of students
180 per academic year in two academic disciplines, 90 in marine navigation and 90 in marine engineering
(Until 2012, 120 students per academic year, 60 in marine navigation and 60 in marine engineering)
About 50
Calamba, a city in the suburbs of Manila (about a one-hour drive from Manila)
Four years (three years of academic study and one year of onboard training)
To foster global seafarers through higher education by focusing on building an individual’s sense of humanity and providing training in practical maritime technologies

*Transnational Diversified Group (TDG)
A business group established by Chairman J. Roberto C. Delgado. Business activities include vessel agent services, seafarer manning, training and cadet education, as well as other logistics businesses. TDG and NYK have maintained a cooperative relationship since the establishment of TDG in 1976.
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