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Schoolteachers Spend Three Days in Study at NYK

August 20, 2013

During the group work

From August 14 to 16, NYK welcomed nine elementary and junior high school teachers from the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education to participate in a program for teachers to promote their understanding of corporate activities. The program was arranged in cooperation with the Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs, and this was the 19th time for NYK to participate.
This training program was held during the schools’ summer break, and during the program NYK explained about its human resources development and environmental measures, some of which could possibly be used in future school management.

At NYK Tokyo Container Terminal

During the three days, participants were given lectures about the NYK Group’s businesses and its human resources development programs, and also invited to join in group work and discussions about the company’s bulk shipping and break-even calculation activities, thus giving everyone the opportunity to get a concrete image of the shipping industry.
In addition, the participants were taken to the NYK Tokyo Container Terminal and Japan Marine Science Inc. to learn more about shipping advancements (e.g., the ship-handling simulator), and visits to the NYK Maritime Museum and the museum ship NYK Hikawamaru were also arranged. The opportunity helped give the teachers a better understanding of the history and current operations of the shipping and logistics industries. Dialogue between the teachers and NYK staff was also encouraged.
Feedback from the teachers included the following:
--"I could sense the global scale of the work being done and realize that so many people at various locations are involved in the handling of each item shipped."
--"I would like children to have knowledge about the basics of shipping and its history to prepare themselves for life and future careers, and to gain a better understanding of shipping’s important role in society."
--"I learned quite a bit, particularly that the company is not managed by one person; it is built by all employees. The mindset that the company will grow in tandem with the employees can be transferred to class management at school."
NYK continues to work positively as a good corporate citizen on activities that contribute to our society.

With "NYK Hikawamaru"

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