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NYK Issues Its NYK Report 2013

August 2, 2013

NYK has issued its NYK Report 2013, the first year the NYK Group has combined its annual report and CSR report into one document.
The NYK Report contains information about the group’s finances and long-term ESG (environment, society and governance) solutions in an effort to provide stakeholders with a reliable understanding of the NYK Group's corporate value.
In his message, NYK Group president Yasumi Kudo provides information about the group’s current situation and forecast for future growth. The group’s businesses, growth strategy, and competitive superiority are reviewed through the company’s current medium-term management plan, “More Than Shipping 2013,” which was released in April 2011. 
The value chain of the NYK Group’s ocean transport is also examined, along with the company’s challenge to add and create value in the future. Various approaches are introduced and the competitive superiority of the group’s research and development, shipbuilding, safety planning, cultivation of human resources, improvement of fuel efficiency, and scrapping is examined. Information is also presented on the NYK Group's technical strength and its link to sustainable growth and sales capabilities, an important pillar supporting the NYK Group's development.
Moreover, in a section on the overall sales condition of each business sector, directors in charge provide detailed explanations of particular business strategies.
The report can be accessed through the link below.
If you would like a physical copy of the report, please use the following link to request a copy:
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