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NYK Trading Installs Solar Energy System in Hokkaido

June 12, 2013

From Left:
Takatake Naraoka, Tsukasa Ise, Motoo Igawa,
Yoshio Kawashiro, and Takashi Inamura

On June 1, the NYK Group's largest solar energy generating system (2 megawatts) was connected to the Hokkaido town of Yakumo’s power grid by NYK Trading Corporation (head office: Tokyo), an NYK Group company. The system in Yakumo is even larger than the system thatNYK Trading placed in the U.S. state of New Jersey in November 2012.
A ceremony in recognition of the event was held on June 7 and attended by Yoshio Kawashiro, the mayor of the town of Yakumo; Motoo Igawa, the president of NYK Trading; Takatake Naraoka, the president of Taiheiyo Kisen Kaisha Ltd. (head office: Tokyo); Takashi Inamura, director of Kita Koudensha Corporation (head office: Sapporo; president: Akira Nakano); and Tomoo Kitayama, the general manager of NYK’s Environment Group.

The system has been installed on land owned by Taiheiyo Kisen Kaisha and will help promote the use of renewable energy sources in conjunction with the effective utilization of land. Kita Koudensha constructed the system, which is expected to generate 1.92 million kWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the annual amount used by 600 households. All electricity generated will be sold to Hokkaido Electric Power Co. Inc.
NYK Trading has been active in the eco-business field for the past three years. During this time, the company has successfully installed solar energy generating systems at the NYK Tokyo Container Terminal, a Shizuoka filling station owned by NYK Trading, a Yusen Logistics warehouse in New Jersey, and a container terminal within the port of Los Angeles.
In addition, a new solar energy generating system that has been placed on the roof of a logistics warehouse in Fukuoka prefecture will become operational from the middle of July. That warehouse is owned by Geneq Corporation (head office: Fukuoka; president: Masahiro Aoyama) and 454 kilowatts solar modules will be installed. The annual energy production is expected to be around 470,000 kWh, and the generated electricity will be sold to Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc. This will be the second system in Japan for NYK Trading to receive a guaranteed feed-in tariff for the renewable energy generated.
The NYK Group will work proactively to promote renewable energy — solar and others — within communities for better environmental management as the group continues its efforts to contribute to the betterment of the global environment and the achievement of a sustainable society.
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