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NYK Develops Shipboard Training Software for Its LNG Vessels

April 19, 2013

The Tokyo-based NYK LNG Shipmanagement Ltd.* and the Singapore-based NYK Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd.** have teamed together to develop new onboard training software for seafarers on LNG vessels. This new software is called the LNG-Shipboard Training and Assessment Recording System, or LNG-STARS, for short.
This newly developed software is for officers and engineers who will board LNG vessels and allows users to learn about cargo-handling operations performed on LNG vessels. On such vessels, the cargo cannot be seen firsthand, so the software uses many computer-generated images and animations to explain the special cargo-handling operations, the method of cargo management, the steam turbine, and the operation of cargo handling equipment.
This training software includes tests that assess a trainee's degree of understanding, allowing on-the-job training (OJT) to proceed efficiently and according to trainee comprehension levels. In addition, using the LAN connection on board, several crew members can access the program through PCs in various parts of the vessel.

This software is intended to be OJT, but the training software can be accessed from land, so users can also engage in the training when they are not on board. The software ensures that trainees acquire the practical operation skills required to prevent potential accidents and problems.
NYK strives to maintain a well-balanced training system, in terms of both hardware (OJT on board) and software, in order to ensure the safe operation of its fleet.
-- Programs contained in NYK-STARS
1.    LNG carriers (LNG-STARS)
1)    Officers
2)    Engineers (steam turbine)
2.    Very large crude-oil carriers (VLCC-STARS)
3.    Car carriers (PCC-STARS)
4.    Large bulk carriers (BULKER-STARS)
5.    LPG carriers (LPG-STARS)
6.    Containerships (CONTAINER-STARS)
7.    Heavy cargo carriers (HEAVY CARGO-STARS)
8.    Self-study program for cadets (CADET-STARS)
9.    Self-study program for engineers (ENGINE-STARS)
10. Sharing system of safety information (SAFETY-STARS)
*NYK LNG Shipmanagement Ltd.
A wholly owned subsidiary of NYK established in October 2006 to provide customized ship-management services for LNG vessels. 
**NYK Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd.
A wholly owned subsidiary of NYK established in September 2001 to provide customized ship-management services for ships other than LNG vessels around the globe. The company also arranges seafarer training for LNG vessels, and will begin to provide ship-management services for LNG vessels from the middle of April 2013.
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