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NYK Launches Tsunami Alert System

April 9, 2013

Tsunami alert system on NYK e-missions'

NYK recently launched a tsunami alert system that will provide tsunami warnings to vessels.
Tsunami warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency and other weather service providers will be sent by e-mail to vessels through the company’s NYK e-missions'* system. The warnings should allow affected vessels to determine the best course of action through correspondence with those on shore and use of the Tsunami-Response Guidelines** NYK developed and released last year.
When a tsunami warning is issued, a tsunami alert will be sent to NYK vessel operators*** and about 800 vessels that make use of NYK e-missions'. The alert will be in English. The vessel will then have a limited amount of time to correspond with those necessary and use the guidelines to determine the best action to take.
The vessels that could be affected by the possible tsunami are automatically displayed on NYK e-missions', and vessel operators and NYK's Marine Group can immediately contact the affected vessels, share information with the ships, and provide any needed support.
This system will provide tsunami warnings issued for the Japanese coast in addition to warnings released by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, which will cover the entire sailing area of all vessels operated by the NYK Group.
The NYK Group will continue to make efforts to further deepen mutual understanding between those on shore and the ships, and promote the establishment of safer ship-operation systems within the group by learning from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
* NYK e-missions'
Provides information about the positions of vessels in operation, and weather and sea conditions for the intended routes of vessels.
** Tsunami-Response Guidelines
Guidelines that detail how a vessel in port should react as a function of the expected height of a tsunami.
Related press release: “NYK Develops Tsunami-Response Guidelines for Ships in Port,” May 25, 2012, https://www.nyk.com/english/release/1964/NE_120525.html
*** Vessel Operators
Administrators on land who manage the schedules and movement of vessels in service.
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