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NYK Once Again Included in FTSE4Good

April 5, 2013

NYK was recently selected for the UK-based FTSE Group’s* FTSE4Good Index, a major socially responsible investment (SRI)** index that has included NYK for many years.
The FTSE4Good Index is a leading index that, along with the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, is used by investors concerned about corporate social responsibility.
The FTSE4Good Index is selected based on independent international standards of corporate environmental sustainability and social responsibility,*** and NYK has repeatedly received a high rating in the “Environmental management” category.
Earlier this year, NYK was recognized as one of the 2013 World’s Most Ethical Companies, the sixth consecutive year for NYK to receive this honor. NYK, as a good corporate citizen, will continue to take an active role in social issues, including conservation of the environment, to contribute to the achievement of a better global society.
*A wholly owned subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange. The FTSE4Good Index, the award-winning global index provider, is compiled and managed by the FTSE Group, which undertakes related operations involving stocks, bonds, real estate, etc., on a global scale. The group has offices in London, New York, Tokyo, and nine other major cities, providing services for clients in 77 countries.
**Investments in companies engaged in ethical activities and confirmed through financial analyses to meet established investment standards.
***The inclusion criteria span six ESG themes, including environmental management, mitigating climate change, human and labour rights, supply chain labour standards, countering bribery and corporate governance.
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