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NYK's 2012 CSR Report Wins President's Award for Excellence at Environmental Communication Awards

March 13, 2013

From left, Global Environmental Forum president Shigeru Sumitani
presenting award to NYK corporate officer Yoko Wasaki

The 2012 CSR report published by the NYK Group has been honored with the President’s Award for Excellence in sustainability reporting (Global Environmental Forum President’s Award) at the 16th Environmental Communication Awards, which are jointly sponsored by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum, a non-profit organization based in Tokyo. This is the second consecutive year that NYK has been recognized at this event, following last year’s win of the Sustainability Report Grand Prize (the Environment Minister Award).
In the environmental reporting category, various environmental concerns — including sustainability, climate change, biodiversity, and credibility — are examined, and outstanding business operators that engage in strategic environmental management and disclose relevant information in their reports are recognized.
The NYK Group received the award after being highly evaluated for its efforts to reduce environmental loads. NYK environmental efforts receiving mention included (1) the group’s environmental management indicators to determine the operating efficiency of ships, as mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), (2) the certification of NYK’s management plan by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, a classification society, thus confirming the plan’s reliability, and (3) the NYK group’s efforts to utilize CO2 exhaust to save energy. In addition, the company won praise for its strategic approach to management, particularly its establishment of a maritime academy in the Philippines to secure a future source of seafarers, the more than 70 courses of training offered, and the clear-cut explanations of technical terms and abbreviations provided.
NYK corporate officer Yoko Wasaki was presented the certificate of merit by Global Environmental Forum president Shigeru Sumitani at an awards ceremony held on March 6 in Tokyo.
The NYK Group will continue to take initiatives to approach societal issues as a good corporate citizen, and contribute to attaining a sustainable global society, while striving to create CSR reports that encourage better understanding by all stakeholders.
The 2012 CSR report can be accessed through the link below.
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