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13,000 Lights on NYK's Car Carriers Changed to Next-generation Energy-saving Units
- Part of Sales Proceeds to Aid Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Efforts -

March 11, 2013

To make improvements in energy and economic efficiency, NYK has installed E·COOL, a next-generation energy-saving fluorescent lighting system produced by Optrom, Inc., on six NYK-operated car carriers. Since April 2012, approximately 13,000 fluorescent lights have been replaced by E·COOL.
E·COOL uses a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) that has been used for years in LCD monitors. The CCFL has superior features both in terms of energy-saving capabilities and economic efficiency. It consumes less power, has a longer operating life, offers greater brightness, and is flicker-free, thus making it gentler on the eyes. A power-consumption savings of around 40 percent is expected compared to the use of conventional fluorescent lamps. When a car carrier’s lighting system is replaced by E·COOL, CO2 emissions on voyages are reduced by up to 1 percent. During fiscal 2013, NYK plans to replace around 40,000 conventional fluorescent lamps with E·COOL.
Optrom, Inc. is headquartered in the city of Sendai in Japan’s Tohoku area, which was devastated by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and ensuing tsunami. The company is donating part of the proceeds of E·COOL unit sales to the area to assist with reconstruction. A part of the proceeds for the sale of the E·COOL units to NYK will be donated to the NPO Child Line Miyagi,* which is based in Sendai, for reconstruction support through a charitable trust overseen by the Japan Philanthropic Association,** a non-profit organization. Child Line Miyagi operates a toll-free hot line for children under 18 years old, and has expanded its activity to support children from the damaged area.
NYK will continue its efforts for a sustainable global environment and society through ecological initiatives, in addition to its support of reconstruction two years after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
* Child Line Miyagi
In cooperation with other child help lines located throughout Japan, Child Line Miyagi operates a toll-free call service (0120-99-7777) exclusively for children under 18 years old. Trained volunteers respond to phone calls from children and offer consultation. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the organization has been promoting support services to children suffering from the impact of that disaster as well.
** Japan Philanthropic Association (Public Interest Incorporated Association)
Established in 1963, the association started to promote philanthropic projects in 1991, and in 2009 was accredited as a public interest incorporated association. With the aim of promoting public interest activities through private initiatives, the association communicates and provides education about philanthropic concepts, and organizes projects for the implementation of philanthropic activities by individuals and corporate bodies. Moreover, the association develops various programs for social contribution, such as promoting and inspiring exchanges among private corporations, public administrations, and NPOs.
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