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NYK Provides Free Transport for Six Cars to Africa

January 31, 2013

NYK has provided free ocean transport for six automobiles to Mombasa, Kenya, and Durban, South Africa. The cars had been used in Japan in support of activities to recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake, which devastated much of northeast Japan in March 2011.
Immediately following the earthquake, the vehicles were donated by Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. (head office: Yokohama; president: Carlos Ghosn) to several international humanitarian assistance organizations affiliated with Japan Platform.* The cars were overseas models initially built for the United Nations, so after temporary permission for the automobiles to run in Japan expired in June 2012, NYK transported the vehicles from Japan to Africa for these organizations so that the vehicles could be used in the humanitarian assistance activities being done there.
The cars were loaded on the NYK car carrier Sirius Leader, and after arriving in Mombasa and Durban the automobiles were sent to Nairobi, Kenya; Juba, South Sudan; and Harare, Zimbabwe. The final delivery was made in January 2013.
NYK will continue to use its logistics and transport services, facilities, and networks across oceans, land, and air to demonstrate the group's commitment to social contribution activities.
*Japan Platform (JPF)
An international humanitarian assistance organization founded to provide quick and effective emergency relief during natural disasters and refugee situations. The activities are carried out through partnership by the NGO with governments and the business community, in which these entities are integrated equally to draw on the resources and unique features of each.
Website: https://www.japanplatform.org/E/index.html
NYK has launched the NYK Group-JPF Joint Aid Supplies Transportation Project in cooperation with JPF. The project promotes activities that provide support to victims of large natural disasters.
Website: https://www.nyk.com/english/csr/social/disaster/index_jpf.htm
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