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New Ore Carrier, Shagang Sunshine, Delivered

October 17, 2012

On October 17, a naming and delivery ceremony for Shagang Sunshine, a new 250,000 DWT class ore carrier built by Namura Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (Head office: Nishi-ku, Osaka),  was held at the shipbuilder’s Imari Shipyard & Works. This is the third building of a 250,000 DWT class ore carrier, referred to as a WOZMAX,* which is built to carry the maximum loading capacity allowed at ports in Western Australia, an area that has design limitations on the load draft of ships transporting ore.  

The vessel will be chartered exclusively to Shagang Shipping Co. Ltd. over 20 years to transport ore and coal for Jiangsu Shagang Group Co. Ltd. mainly from Australia to China.
--Vessel Particulars
Length Overall:                329.95 meters
Breadth:                          57.00 meters
Designed Draft:               18.025 meters
Gross Tonnage:              132,464 tons
Deadweight Tonnage:      250,950 tons
Builder:                           Namura Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.
The name of a newly designed 250,000 DWT ore carrier built by Namura Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. The "W" stands for Western Australia, "OZ" is common slang for Australia, and "MAX" refers to the maximum size vessel for ore transport from Western Australia. Namura Shipbuilding hopes this newly designed vessel will receive a warm welcome at ports around the world.
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