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NYK-TDG Maritime Academy Commended for Student Excellence
- Only School from Which All Students Pass Nationwide MSAP Exam -

October 5, 2012

The NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA), which NYK jointly runs in the Philippines, has been commended as an "excellent school" by the Philippine-Japan Manning Consultative Council Inc. (PJMCC). The PJMCC is the organizer of the nationwide Maritime School Assessment Program (MSAP) examination and made the commendation in recognition of the excellent performance by the NTMA students on the examination.

The school assessment standard at MSAP comprises categories A and B. A school is deemed to be in category A when more than 75 percent of its students taking the examination in each of the two previous years achieve a better-than-average pass rate. A category B rating is given to a school that has a student achieve a top-ten ranking on the MSAP exam. NTMA was named an "excellent school" in both categories.
In 2012, the MSAP exam was given to second-year students, and only 32 percent of around 19,000 examinees from 81 merchant vessel seamanship schools in the Philippines passed. However, all 110 students from NTMA taking the exam passed — the only school to record such an achievement. In addition, NTMA students accounted for 29 out of the top 30 taking the Marine Transport course; and in the Marine Engineering course, the top 30 students were from NTMA.
The performance on the MSAP examination is regarded as an index that can be used to rank seamanship schools in the Philippines. Performance on the MSAP examination is also an important factor for students hoping to become cadets and core members operating NYK’s fleet.
NYK continues to foster high-caliber Filipino seafarers to differentiate the high-quality marine transport the company provides.
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