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NYK Issues Its 2012 Annual Report

September 11, 2012

NYK has issued the 2012 edition of its annual report. The report, titled ”Keep Challenging,” emphasizes NYK’s intention to secure stable earnings even when business conditions may not be favorable and return to the black by focusing on core policies and moving forward with reforms.

This year’s edition begins with a revision of the company’s medium-term management plan “More Than Shipping 2013,” which was announced in March 2011. NYK was forced to revise this plan when a number of sudden events — including the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Thai floods, and the financial crisis in Europe — caused business conditions to worsen.
A special feature focuses on the strategies provided in the medium-term management plan — strategies that remain unchanged — and the company’s determination to resolutely press forward with its goals. Moreover, the report indicates how NYK plans to produce steady returns at stable freight rates for the gradual expansion of the company’s business. In a section reviewing operations, the director in charge of each division explains each business strategy in more detail.
A section on sustainability was expanded and now provides simple explanations about the NYK Group’s activities in areas concerning safety, the environment, human resources, and social contributions. Stakeholders’ comments are also provided.
The report can be accessed through the link below.
If you would like a physical copy of the report, please use the below link to request a copy.
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