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NYK Hikawamaru Welcomes Millionth Visitor

May 8, 2012

At the ceremony celebrating the millionth visitor

NYK Hikawamaru, a moored museum ship in Yokohama, Japan, proudly welcomed its millionth visitor on the morning of May 4. After being extensively refurbished, the ship was renamed and reopened to the public on April 25, 2008, just over four years ago. 

The distinction of being the millionth visitor went to Teruo Namatame, who was visiting NYK Hikawamaru with his two grandchildren. In honor of the occasion, the staff presented the surprised family with a one-night summer cruise from Yokohama (two rooms for four people) on the NYK luxury cruise ship Asuka II.
Mr. Namatame decided to visit NYK Hikawamaru with his two grandchildren during Japan’s public-holiday-filled Golden Week, saying, “I have often passed by NYK Hikawamaru, but today I decided to board the ship and examine it up close for the first time. How surprised I was to be the millionth visitor. I hope NYK Hikawamaru will long remain a symbol of Yokohama.”
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