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NYK's 2011 CSR Report Wins Grand Prize at Environmental Communication Awards

March 2, 2012

(At the ceremony)
Left: Parliamentary Secretary of the Environment Satoshi Takayama,
right: NYK Corporate Officer Yoko Was

The 2011 CSR Report published by the NYK Group has won the Sustainability Report Grand Prize (the Environment Minister Award) at the 15th Environmental Communication Awards jointly sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum, a non-profit organization based in Tokyo. NYK Corporate Officer Yoko Wasaki was presented with the recognition by Parliamentary Secretary of the Environment Satoshi Takayama at an awards ceremony held on February 29 in Tokyo.

This year, in the environmental reporting category the theme of strategic environmental management and information disclosure was emphasized, and outstanding business operators and reports addressing this theme were determined through an evaluation of various environmental concerns, including sustainability, climate change, biodiversity, and credibility.

The NYK Group received the award for being highly evaluated for the group’s emphasis on safety and the environment as a most crucial management issue over the long term, in addition to the group’s earnest attempt for continual improvement through use of a PDCA cycle, NYK Group environmental efforts receiving mention included (1) the company’s  reduction of CO2 emissions through use of environmental management indicators with respect to each vessel type, improvements in shipbuilding, and the development of operational strategies for existing ships, and (2), the company’s efforts to preserve biodiversity through progressive approaches like developing a ballast-water management system independently in preparation for the entering into effect of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments.

The company also won praise for its strategic approach to management, particularly its establishment of a maritime academy in the Philippines to secure a future source of seafarers, its highly transparent information disclosures containing a rich store of long-term data, and clear-cut explanations of technical terms and abbreviations for readers.
The NYK Group will continue to take initiatives to approach societal issues as a good corporate citizen, and contribute to attaining a sustainable global society, while striving to create CSR reports that encourage better understanding by all stakeholders.

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