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NYK Group Receives Japan's 2012 Minister of the Environment Award

December 14, 2012
Nippon Yusen Kaisha
Monohakobi Technology Institute

From left:
Hiroyuki Nagahama, Japan's minister of the environment;
Tadaaki Naito, NYK senior managing corporate officer;
and Tamio Kawashima, MTI director

Nippon Yusen Kaisha (head office: Tokyo; president: Yasumi Kudo) and the Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI) (head office: Tokyo; president: Yutaka Yasunaga), an NYK Group company, have received Japan’s 2012 Minister of the Environment Award in the technical development and commercialization categories for the promotion of measures to address climate change.
The award was established in 1998 by Japan's Ministry of the Environment and is given every year in December to coincide with Global Warming Prevention Month. The recognition is presented to individuals and groups that have shown remarkable achievements in addressing climate change.
The award was presented in recognition of the NYK Group’s development and operation of an energy-saving air-lubrication system for vessels. This new technology effectively reduces the frictional resistance between a vessel’s bottom and the seawater by means of bubbles generated by air released from the bottom of the vessel.
In 2010, an air-lubrication system featuring a blower to provide air to the vessel bottom was permanently installed on two vessels operated by NYK-Hinode Line Ltd., also an NYK Group company, marking the first permanent installation of such a system within the shipping industry. Over the next two years, CO2 emissions from these vessels fell by an average of 6 percent during sea passages.
.In 2012, an air-lubrication system featuring a scavenging-air bypass to provide air to the vessel bottom, a system more suitable for larger vessels having deeper drafts, was installed on a coal carrier for the first time and, depending on the amount of cargo carried, CO2 emissions were 4–8 percent less.
The NYK Group will continue to encourage initiatives for the development of energy-saving technology that addresses climate change by actively advancing the installation of this air-lubrication system on car carriers and other types of vessels.
Announcement on July 11, 2012, "Air-lubrication System on Two Module Carriers Reduces CO2 Emissions by 6%"
Announcement on July 30, 2012, "New Coal Carrier Prepares to Sail with an Innovative Air-Lubrication System"
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